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Scrumpy & Western

The definitive guide to the West Country music

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Scrumpy & Western Links

Artist Links (official sites only)

There are more links on each of the Scrumpy & Western artist pages to unofficial websites, fan sites, other MySpace pages, and other relevant links.

  • Village Thing - MySpace page for the pioneering independent folk label based in Bristol (1970-73)

Other Bands

These are bands who while not being Scrumpy & Western artists are still worth checking out.

  • Howling at the Moon - a duo and band of cider drinkers from Dorset playing fiddle-fuelled folky fun
  • Merry Moon - Essex-based band playing a lively blend of English, Irish and American folk with Yetties and Wurzels songs amongst their set.
  • Slim's Cyder Co. - London -based band playing goodtime music; a mixture of country, Western swing, R&B and Rock 'n' Roll
  • The Fivepenny Piece - Humorous Lancashire band fondly remembered from their heyday in the 1970s; but still going today!
  • The Purple Gang - 1960s jug band best remembered for Granny Takes A Trip
  • Ivor Biggun - official website for this ukulele player and maker of rude records which were all banned by the BBC.

West Country Links

  • Official site for Pensford and nearby villages in North Somerset - home of Acker Bilk and the famous annual festival.

Scrumpy Links

  • ukcider website and the ukcider mailing list
  • Old Scrump's Cider House - an essential guide to all things zider.
  • The Wittenham Hill Cider Portal (aka Andrew Lea's Small Scale Cidermaking pages) give a lot of technical information on all aspects of cider making, including some interesting pages about Andrew's personal experiences as an expert amateur cidermaker, with some useful tips for anyone wanting to make their own.

Friends of the Scrumpy & Western website

  • The Masqueraders Carnival Club website
  • Wurzel Bush Folk Club website
  • If you're ever over in the Deep South and missing Scrumpy & Western music, tune into Barney Hartline, Jim Hickam, and Terry Wright's show Your Folk Connection on KRCU 90.9 FM in Cape Girardeau, Missouri - they're great fans of The Wurzels, Adge Cutler, Shag Connors and all your other favourite Scrumpy & Western artists, and frequently play their records on air!

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