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Scrumpy & Western Artists

Here is a list of the most influentual Scrumpy & Western artists past and present. We have also added a new cateogy of Scrumpy & Western Comedians, whose material fits with the West Country humour of Scrumpy & Western music. The list is not complete, so if you think we are missing anyone, please let us know.
Acts marked with a tick have a live link to their website's gig page (updated 2018) - see our gig guide.
NB: Other bands/acts may well be active and found via social media!

Scrumpy & Western Musicians

Adge Cutler & The Wurzels - The founding father of Scrumpy & Western music, Adge Cutler's influence in the genre can not be underestimated; his songs remains a vital and integral part of the West County forty years on. Still active as The Wurzels.

Acker Bilk - Somerset-born and bred, the inclusion of Mister Acker Bilk's jazz might stretch the definition of the boundaries of Scrumpy & Western music, but his importance in the history of the genre is undeniable.

Len 'Uke' Thomas - legendary Bristol entertainer who was a true pioneer of Scrumpy & Western music and early influence on Adge Cutler, writing and singing many of his own songs written in the Bristol dialect.

Trevor Crozier - late singer, songwriter and talented musician who wrote and recorded several classic Scrumpy & Western songs, including Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee, The Piddletrenthide Jugband and Dead Dog Scrumpy.

Shag Connors & The Carrot Crunchers - a humorous and fondly remembered West Country band, based in Gloucestershire and led by the inimitable and sadly missed Shag Connors and his beer-drinking cockerel. The band is still active as Mart Connors & The Carrot Crunchers with Shag's son Mart as frontman.

The Crofters - a folk duo consisting of Gef Lucena and Martin Pyman who released three Scrumpy & Western EPs in the 1960s.

Fred Wedlock - 'the oldest swinger in town!''

Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra - a Bristol-based band renowned for their eccentric style and eclectic choice of material.

The Yetties - Dorset's answer to The Wurzels.

The Yokels - Wiltshire's very own Scrumpy & Western stars.

A.D. Rice & The Wazzuks - an Adge Cutler tribute band from the Bristol area.

The Mangledwurzels - A three-piece Scrumpy & Western band from East Somerset who play Wurzels songs, old and new, blended with self-penned titles and pop standards 'Mangled' in true Wurzels tradition.

The Cowshed Cleaners - a band in the Scrumpy & Western tradition from Tiverton in Devon, who claim to be "the only West Country group that smells like one"!

The Cornish Wurzells - A Wurzels tribute band from Penzance.

The Cutlers of Cornwall - 'Scrumpy and Western perfection' from Cornwall.

Twurzel - a solo Scrumpy & Western performer from Cornwall

The Twerzels - a two-man Wurzels tribute band.

Combine Chris (aka The West Country Wurzel) - a solo Wurzels tribute act from Plymouth in Devon

Combyne Arvester - a four-piece Scrumpy & Western from Somerset.

The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra - plaguing the New Forest with their 'Ampshur brand of Scrumpy & Western moosic since 1979.

The New Forest Yokels (Plonkers) - a "yokel’s agricultural orchestra" in the Scrumpy & Western tradition from the New Forest.

Surfin' Turnips - scrumpy-fuelled cider punk band playing Scrumpy & Western Pirate-core.

Skimmity Hitchers - new Dorset band from the ashes of Who's Afear'd

Who's Afear'd - a Dorsetshire trio who they describe their music as sounding like 'the Cerne Giant and your mum after a gallon of scrumpy in a hedge down Lytchett way!'

'Ere Whacks - claim to be 'probably the rudest West Country band around' (and that's saying something!)

The Tinker Boys - 'Scrumpy 'n' Western with a girt dash of Irish'.

The Somerset Paddies - music from Somerset and Ireland.

More Silage - a four-piece Scrumpy & Western folk/pop band from East Harptree.

The Swinging Udders - A Scrumpy & Western band from Bath.

The Scrumpy Bashers - An English folk/Scrumpy & Western band from Midsomer Norton.

Countryside Alliance Crew - a dance crew blending current dance, hiphop and jungle music with rural Scrumpy & Western lyrics. It's very different from Adge Cutler, but deserves its place on this website!

Pete Atkin - Bristolian songer/songwriter

Corky - acoustic indie-folk singer-songwriter with a West Country twist

Derek Wright (aka DJ Dub) - "Jethro meets The Wurzels in Cornwall"

Panda & Kenwyn - A Scrumpy & Western duo from Cornwall.

The Somerset Barnstormers - Somerset-based Wurzels tribute band.

The Boothill All Stars - a 'West Country bootlegged hoedown' band based in Frome, Somerset

Fizzy Milk - a dairycore funtime party band from Bridgwater, now based in Bristol

The Shenanigans Banned - bringing Scrumpy & Western music to the Isle of Man

Scrumpy & Western Comedians

Bill Bailey - Somerset-born comedian, actor, musician, and self-confessed Wurzels worshipper.

Greg Suggitt - stand-up comedian from Wiltshire.

Jethro - Self-styled Cornwall's Minister of Culture with his particular eccentric brand of humour.

Judro - is true Cornish tribute to Cornish comedian Jethro.

Jeddro - is a tribute impression to Cornish comedian Jethro.

Justin Lee Collins - Bristol comedian, TV star and author

Hedgerow - 'the world's only Jethro tribute act'

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If you know of any bands or comedians (or indeed anyone else) missing from this list - please let us know!

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