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Who's Afear'd

"influenced by a love of Dorset and a lack of fear"

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Who Are Who's Afear'd?

Who's Afear'd are a West Country band with Dorset in their blood. They take their name from the 1970 Yetties album of the same name. This three-piece band started life with Kevicious! on singing, 'Mystery Boy' Dave on guitars and Russell T Giraffe on drums and kazoo; but have made a few changes along the way. Cranmore took over on drums in 2008, and Devon-based guitar whizz Matt temporarily replaced Dave in 2009 - only to be swiftly replaced by Keston.

Inspired covers, cursing and racket is what they claim to be all about, and they describe their music as sounding like 'the Cerne Giant and your mum after a gallon of scrumpy in a hedge down Lytchett way!'. In reality, many of their songs show a political and social concience at odds with their sound - songs like Cider Riot, Borderline and Mr Sandbanks reveal a maturity beyond their tender years...and then they go and spoil the illusion by writing songs like My Willy's Getting Hard! Check out the band's MySpace page for some audio clips of their music.

The band split in 2010 with Kev and Keston going on to form Skimmity Hitchers, while Cran joined The Boothill All Stars.

Who's Afear'd

Singer Kev showing his love of Poole

Who's Afear'd

New guitarist Keston

Who's Afear'd

Drummer Cranmore in expansive mood

Who's Afear'd

Who's Afear'd in the bar

The Who's Afear'd Discography

CD Singles    
Self Released

Who's Afear'd EP

All Along The Esplanade / Portland Prison Blues / A35 / Imagine

CD Albums    

Ryme Intrinseca Records RYME002
(Autumn 2008)


The Day Of The Badger

Weymouth Quay / Cider Riot / Mr Sandbanks / My Willy's Getting Hard / Owermoigne Dead Body / All Along the Esplanade (Far Corfe mix) / Danish Tundra / Dorset is Beautiful / Borderline / Scrumpy Drinker / West Country Girls / I've Been Everywhere

Who's Afear'd Links

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