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The Surfin' Turnips

"cider-fuelled pirate folk punk Westcountry style!"

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Who Are The Surfin' Turnips?

The Surfin' TurnipsThe Surfin' Turnips are a West Country renaissance folk-punk group who aim to spread the Word Of The West to the lost souls in need of apple salvation. Specialising in scrumpy, sea songs and West Country pride songs, they have released three West Country LPs (see discography).

The Surfin' Turnips The Surfin' Turnips were originally just yer run-of-the-mill underground band who, after releasing a few unremarkable albums on a Japanese label, rested fer a couple of years. During this time Titch spent a couple of weeks up on Dartymoor in his tent fasting and listening to the voice of apple righteousness. He returned to civilisation demanding that the band do something spiritual. As we researched songs for a reunion, it was noticed that no-one could find any Newfoundland rock bands who sing in their West Country-esque dialect - and then they realised the same applied to themselves - so they decided to sort it out straight away.

The Surfin' Turnips consist of Jamer Turnip on guitars, Matt Pants on drums, Titch Wilson on bass and Ian O'Star on accordion. The band hail from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset; but have strong associations with the town of Chipping Sodbury where they met while working, and the areas around Bristol where they currently live.

The Surfin' Turnips Discography

CD Albums    
Cider City Records

Blackthorn Baby

Cider in the Morn / Sodbury Mop Dance / The Munter / Shopping Doen The Asdals / Blackthorn Baby / Do You Remember Them Sodbury High School Daze / Are You Going To Fishponds High Street?

Bloody Good Records

Cider Swillin Adventures On The High Seas

All Fer Me Grog / The Blackbird / We Are The Surfin' Turnips / Drink up / Boys of The West Country / What Shall We Do With The Junction's Landlord? / Tits and Fanny / Away Away / Cider! Cider! Cider! Cider! / Golden Daze / The Chicks Have All Gone Crazy

Pumpkin Records

20,000 Leagues Under The Severn Sea

Beware The Hairy Hands / In Frampton Coterill I Were Born / Where Be Going Janner? / Oh I Would Be In The Westcountry / Oh When The Cider Starts To Pour / Westcountry Roads / I'z The B'y / Knowle West Girl / Cider Cider Give I A Pint Or Two / Bristol Channel Whip Jamboree / Raise The Main Sail / Landlord Fill The Cider Jar / Cider Commando / Ciderman


Us Deb'n Boys EP

Us Deb'n Boys / Farewell To Bideford / Poor Bugger Janner / Newton Abbott

note: This EP would have a PA sticker on it, if the band ever have the nerve to release it. Currently filed under 'Very Rude Drunken Ramblings'.


The band's earlier Japanese releases were very rare and collectable even before renewed interest in the band, but the band recommend that you do not waste you money on them as they might yet find a few hundred in the loft! The titles were Watch Out!, Babe Factor Zero, Dig the Nude Breed, Teenage Turnips That Fear No Law, and If In Doubt, Flop It Out EP.

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